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Fairview Texas is located approximately thirty miles east of Dallas. It is bordered by Texas Department of Transportation Highway 36 on the west, south and east. It is in the far west central area of Texas. There are many popular and beautiful attractions in this wonderful community that will delight and relax you. Here are some points of interest to consider while vacationing in Fairview Texas. A number of events occur here on a regular basis. There are festivals, art shows, parades, musicals, and traveling attractions.

If you enjoy visiting historic places, then Fairview has a number of them. It is close to the intersection of FM 16th Street and Circle Avenue, just east of downtown. You will also find that lots of art galleries, museums, and historical locations are located in this town. Plenty of things to do in this area include shopping, eating out at various dining establishments, taking a hike along the river, and visiting various attractions. The shopping options in Fairview include many different shops and boutiques. There are many local shops in this town, including antique malls and specialty shops. If you enjoy collecting or antique items, then this is a great place for you. There are also a number of great hotels in this city.

Some of them include Holiday Inn Express, DoubleTree Suites, The Linens and Suites, and The Westgate Hotel. There are also hotels in the area that are family-run businesses and offer a variety of activities for children. These hotels include The Villagio, DoubleTree Grand Salon, and Fleet Street Motel. Many of these hotels offer kid-friendly amenities and facilities. One of the best ways to enjoy Fairview Texas is by means of horseback riding and camping. Many people in this town also enjoy hunting and fishing as well. You will find a number of excellent horseback trails throughout the town, as well as camping spots for individuals who wish to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Many vacationers in the area also enjoy staying at a Fairview Texas vacation rental, which includes all of the amenities and facilities that one would find in a hotel. One can even enjoy the benefits of complimentary wireless internet access in their rental. A number of wonderful restaurants are located in this area, and visitors can enjoy some of the meals and beverages onsite. These restaurants offer dishes that are both Texan and international in taste. Some of these include The Bulldog Grill, Jack LaLanne's Fine Cuisine, and Tony Lama. You can also enjoy the number of outdoor barbecues located in the area. These barbecue spots provide guests with a great time while enjoying the fantastic outdoor surroundings. 

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Fairview Texas - located in Collin County, Texas - is a beautiful community. It is central to the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. As of the latest 2021 census, the community was just 8,954. The estimate population in 2021 was 9,090. The town is very close to the Archie dam and Audubon habitat. There are many historical landmarks in the area as well as natural sites. The town has many notable landmarks that were once part of a thriving railroad line. For example, the Alton Street Bridge crosses the tracks of the former North Eastern Railroad. The old Southwestern Railroad connection is visible on Alton Street. A historical marker is on the bridge from the former Bowie Railroad.

The Alton Building is a major landmark for the community. George Alton, who founded the company that supplied railroads with machinery, once worked here. It was his home that eventually became the site of the Alton House museum. The Alton House museum houses extensive collections of travel souvenirs, antiques, books and films. Fairview itself is very charming. With its stately homes and gracious hospitality, it is no surprise that the area is so popular. The nightlife is excellent. Numerous bars and restaurants offer live music, dancing and entertaining shows.

There are also several live casinos, stage shows and comedy clubs. Fairview features a great deal of history. Many of its residents have stories about former residents. There are museums that showcase Texas history and art. There is even a historic train station. There is plenty of shopping available. There are two major malls. One is the Shady Hollow Shopping Center, which has a full complement of major retailers. It also features huge parking lots and a wide variety of different businesses. Shady Hollow is conveniently located just minutes from all the activities Fairview has to offer. If you enjoy hunting, Fairview is the right place for you. The Shady Hollow community features plenty of hunting locations. For your kids, there's the Children's Hunting Ranch that operates during the summer months and the fall hunting season.

Another good reason to move to Fairview Texas is the amazing school districts. The school district is rated an A+ by the Texas Department of Education. Fairview is served by three primary schools. It is recommended that you join the parent teacher association, which will help keep you informed about the classroom activities and events. The school system is also well equipped with modern equipment. When it comes to housing, there is much to choose from. There are plenty of affordable units in the areas surrounding Fairview. The homes range in price. You can easily find a home that suits your budget and meets your criteria. There are many great schools in the area, too. 

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Fairview Texas is a growing real estate destination in Texas with its growth in the agricultural and hospitality industries. This new community offers residents a wide variety of housing options including single family homes, town homes, condominiums, and many types of apartments or town houses. Fairview is situated about a three hour drive from Fort Worth, and about a two-hour drive from Dallas. This makes it ideal for residents who are commuting to work, want to be close to their home communities, or simply enjoy the area and want to be surrounded by nature. Whether you are an out-of-town visitor looking to explore this growing community, or a resident looking for an opportunity to invest in your own home, Fairview has plenty of opportunities.

DescriptionThe town of Fairview Texas is located about three hours north of Dallas. As of today, the local population is 8,949. The latest estimated population for 2021 was 9,090. Geographically, Fairview Texas is located within the Dallas-Arlington metropolitan area, which is bordered by Texas highway 36 and east of Houston. It is on the south side of I-35 and is south of downtown Dallas. This means that when looking at houses for sale, the proximity to major businesses in the Dallas area will play an important role in the home buyers selection. Residents who are interested in living in the area but do not live in or own a business will appreciate the variety of housing options that are available to them.

In terms of population, Fairview Texas is third in size among Texas cities. It is ranked fourth in the city of Texas when compared to its size. This ranking is attributed to a number of factors including the number of high-paying jobs in the area and population that is spread out over a large area in close proximity to one another. The city is also considered to have a desirable quality of life due to its location, amenities, and the demographics that remain steady over time. Whether a resident is interested in buying a home in Fairview or looking for a new place to invest their dollars, there is a wide range of real estate options available. Many investors choose to purchase real estate in this community because of the available investment opportunities.

The community provides a variety of homes that range from those that are modest and affordable to upscale homes that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The homes are designed to meet all the needs of any individual or family, be it a family with children or an adult who is looking for a retirement community. Fairview Texas real estate has some of the most luxurious options for housing within the Dallas area. Many of the communities feature beautifully landscaped gardens and spacious front porches. Additionally, there is plenty of entertainment and dining options as well, including outdoor sports facilities and ballparks. There is a diverse range of housing options available to anyone who wishes to explore the benefits of Fairview Texas real estate.

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